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What makes a great DJ?

Is it Talent? Training? Experience? Passion? Yes. Yes. Yes. And yes.

Some DJs just have the knack. Most of them love music, love to party, and really like working with people.

It also takes training and experience. Every event is different. The crowd is different and it takes experience to know how to motivate different kinds of guests to get up and dance. Experience teaches you when it is appropriate to liven things up and and when to bring the energy down a few notches. Experience teaches you when and how to emcee the event so the party keeps moving and the focus is always where it belongs - on the guest of honor and their guests.

And it takes passion and a love of the profession to really be a great DJ. This is hard work, and without passion, you lose your zest for the job, and without that, a party can bomb.

Talent. Training. Experience. Passion. This is what sets our DJs and MCs apart.

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